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What Makes the JFFHL So Unique?

Our custom designed computer program that scrambles the roster for EVERY game and then creates a personalized schedule for each player based on their availability.

Players are not stuck on a losing team and we never have a dominant 'team' because the rosters change on a game by game basis. This creates a very friendly atmosphere where everyone develops an appreciation for the other players, while the competitive edge is maintained.

In short, we play 'organized shinny' where everyone is out to have fun and winning is only for bragging rights from week to week. This is the best kind of hockey for those who realize that the scouts are not watching and the dream of making a career from hockey is either beyond reach or long past.

Play for the love of the game, this is why the league was created!


The schedule will consist of all games and NO practices.

All games will be 50 minutes in duration, including a 2 minute warm up


League will operate early June through the end of August.

One game per week on Thursday nights, starting between 7:00 and 9:30 pm

12 Game Schedule @ Western Fair Sports Centre and/or London Sports Park


League will operate early to mid October through the end of March or early April.

One game per week, during prime time. All games will be on Sunday nights in on prime time ice, Game times will be 6, 7 and 8 pm.

23 Game Schedule @ Kinsmen Area



League will operate mid April through the end of May.

One game per week on Thursday nights, starting between 7:00 and 9:00 pm

7 Game Schedule @ Western Fair Sports Centre and/or London Sports Park


All Spring & Summer JFFHL games will be played @ Western Fair Sports Centre and/or London Sports Park

For our Winter season we'll be operating from centrallly located and rcently renovated Kinsmen arena, for all games.


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Adult Division

Recreational - Aged 16 and up

Adults are considered to be 16 years old on May 1st or later for Summer and on October 1st for Summer

We have allowed players as young as 13 to compete in the Adult division. If their size and ability permit AND they have the right attitude to compete for the fun of the game.

While the age gap from 16 to ?? is considerably more than players will be accustomed to in most adult hockey, we have found absolutely no issues with the age separation because everyone fully understands that this is hockey for fun, while the games are competitive, everyone 'gets it'.

Our Younger players respect the older players. Please do not let this intimidate you, (especially if you are an older or weaker player) it works fine and everyone has a great time!


Please Note: The information presented on this website
is 100% accurate and supersedes any flyer and poster information, which may not be current or updated.



We reserve the right to move any player playing in a division that we feel is inappropriate for his/her ability, either above or below.

For many adult players involved in the game, their only goal is to get some exercise and have a good time ‘with the boys’ at the rink. Competition is not as important as it once was, but a level of competition is required to make the ice time more exciting and challenging. Hockey should be a social event for these players as well as fulfilling their needs as noted. Our league provides the perfect environment for adult players to get everything they want from the game, yet keeping it in perspective for them.

Our one of its kind program promotes interaction with new players and friends alike. As an adult one of the most difficult things to do is create friendships with new people but the makeup of the JFFHL promotes camaraderie and new friendships.

Adults often have time restraints and many commitments outside of their sports teams, the JFFHL eliminates the hassle of not being able to play organized hockey because of these commitments. Players may omit specific dates for holidays or any other reason, there is no worry that your team will play short or have to replace you, the league takes care of this on your behalf.

NOTE: We reserve the right to restructure divisions based on enrolment



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