23 game Winter schedule

Prime time games, on Sunday's evenings with consistent times

All Winter games at Kinsman Arena



12 game Summer schedule

Consistent game times with games Thursday evenings in prime time.

All Summer games at the Western Fair Sports Centre



7 game Spring schedule

Consistent game times with games Thursday evenings in prime time.

All Summer games at Western Fair Sports Centre and/or Ice Park





NEVER in the JFFHL has there been a major penalty in ANY GAME

Balanced rosters

Maximum 10-11 skaters per team

Playing time (ON ICE) is 40-50% more than any other league

End of season award

League officials always on site in the arena

All personalized schedules provided directly to players

Weekly stats updated on our web site


ABSOLUTELY NO goons or overly aggressive play permitted

Fast moving game with very minimal stoppages

Penalty shots for most penalties

Meet new friends with our scramble rosters

Play with new players and old friends each week

Carded referees



What Makes the JFFHL So Unique?

Our custom designed computer program that scrambles the roster for EVERY game and then creates a personalized schedule for each player based on their availability.

LOTS OF ICE TIME, we run a very fast game with minimal stoppages, so you PLAY 40-to 50% more than any other league. You pay to play and skate, not sit on the bench or stand around and wait!

Players are not stuck on a losing team and we never have a dominant 'team' because the rosters change on a game by game basis. This creates a very friendly atmosphere where everyone develops an appreciation for the other players, while the competitive edge is maintained.

In short, we play 'organized shinny' where everyone is out to have fun and winning is only for bragging rights from week to week. This is the best kind of hockey for those who realize that the scouts are not watching and the dream of making a career from hockey is either beyond reach or long past.

Play for the love of the game, this is why the league was created!



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