Q. Can I play with my friend or on the same team as a relative?
A. If signing as a FULLTIME Player, placement is not possible because our computer program scrambles the roster each week and there are no set teams, this is one of the main features of our unique concept.
T he good news is that we play in pretty much set time slots, so almost all games will take place within a 2 or 3 hour block of time.

If signing with OPEN ENROLMENT, players pick and choose their own times and dates, so you can customize your own schedule.

EXCEPTIONS for FT players

Players will be permitted to 'adjust' their schedule ONLY for reasons related to these two circumstances
1. A player may post his scheduled game time and pick up an available posted game at another time, IF it is to accommodate a work related situation.
2. A player may post his scheduled game and pick up an available posted game at another time, IF it is for transportation purposes (i.e. a ride to the game)

Permission to adjust schedules may be revoked it is determined that the player is moving to improve the team he is playing with or to specifically 'partner' with another player to create a superior on ice situation.

Q. I haven't received a confirmation or information since I signed up, why?
A. We send confirmations out once a week, usually on weekends. if you have registered and not received a confirmation, please send us an email and let us know.

Check your SPAM filter and/or Junk mailbox. Many people use internet based mail programs, please be aware that online systems and many home PC's have very high security and Spam blockers that mistakenly 'kick' our messages because they come from a business.

Q. How do I apply?
A. You can visit the 'Register' page on this website or pick up an application at most arena's and fax or email it in.

Q. I haven't played in years - I'm new to the game - my skills aren't very good, is this league suitable for my level of play?
A. Our league is designed to that everyone can play and enjoy the experience.

Some of the players in the league will be new to the game, some will be coming back to hockey after a long period away from the game, some will have played high level competitive hockey and the majority will fall in the middle, but everyone is out to have a good time.

The beauty of our system is that everyone can play together and no one will be concerned if you are slower or not as talented as some of the other players. In fact, every player we have seen, who started off slowly, is much better by seasons end and almost every one of these players tells us that they have a "blast" and wish they had started sooner.

Q. Is it too late to sign up?
A. With our unique set up, it's never too late to join in the fun although if you don't sign up early, there may only be OPEN ENROLMENT space available.

SPRING - Our Spring season starts mi May, so it's best to get your application at the start of March.

SUMMER - Our Summer season begins early June, so it's best to get your application at the start of April.

WINTER - Our Winter Season starts early October, so it's best to get your application in late August.

Q. How do you determine what team each player is on?
A. This is what makes our league so unique.
We have a custom designed computer program that allocates and distributes the players onto different teams each week based on the player pool available for that date. The teams change for every game. The entire schedule is randomly selected. Players will regularly play with, and against their friends. This system works beautifully and no one ever takes the games too seriously, yet the comradery that is created helps foster friendly competition!

We like to think of our league as 'high tech shinny'. Remember when everyone threw the sticks in the middle and tossed them out randomly. The games were serious, but everyone had a good laugh and in the end no one cared who played what position, who was the best, or what the final score was. This is when hockey is the most fun and it is exactly the atmosphere we have recreated.

Q. How many players will be on the ice at once?
A. Our rules are designed for standard 5 on 5 hockey, but with only 10 skaters per team, everyone will get plenty of ice time.

Q. Can girls/women play in any division?
A. Definitely, we have a number of female players

Q. What do I get for my fee?
A. The old saying 'you get what you pay for' surely holds true here.

We did extensive analysis and found that many of the existing leagues were often not well run and players generally always happy with the league and/or team structure.

Teams often have upwards of 15+ players in other leagues. The most common issue with players is that they simply want to play hockey without worrying about injury, yet there always seems to be players in the other leagues who think they still have a shot at the pro's and play like it the Stanley Cup finals. .

We have tried to address the problems these other leagues have experienced and allow for maximum ice time per player and maximum enjoyment. .

We play during prime time hours, we only have TEN players per team, we have a customized computer program that keeps things running smoothly and we have on site PAID staff for every game. We'll also be donating a portion of each registration fee to the Children's Foundation. With the JFFHL, you'll simply get more for your money.

There is also the 'fun' factor, players in our league will have fun and that is what it's all about. This is NOT always true in other leagues where players are forced to play out of their age group and/or against competition far beyond their skill level.

Q. Can I play and pay 'game by game'?
A. We only offer the full season or Open Enrolment packages, although we do welcome players who want to come out on a one game tryout basis. (ONLY FOR FIRST TIME JFFHL PLAYERS).
Only available if space permits, usually NOT during our Winter season

Q. We usually play 3 on 3, is this better?
A. In our opinion, 3 on 3 is a great format for a tournament or occasional fun ice time. Unfortunately 3 on 3 by design, is a game that caters to the few select players on the ice and it can breed selfish habits.

If you aren't one of the best skaters in 3 on 3, you'll seldom have the opportunity to handle the puck. All too often the more skilled players dominate the game and become 'puck hogs'. We've seen many players come back to their regular team after a summer of 3 on 3 and have to relearn that they are part of an entire TEAM concept. This can be hard on a player and some never relearn the concept of team play.

Our league, by nature, fosters much needed team concept and unity.

Q. Our coach wants us to keep our winter team together so we can get better as a team.
A. Players don't stay with the same players forever and while keeping the team together, definitely has advantages, it stifles creative growth. Getting creative and playing with new players will only help players develop for the winter season.

Q. Do I have to pay the registration fees all at once?
A. Although this is the preferred method, if you are not in a position to pay up front for the season, we will try our best to work out an arrangement that works for you, please contact us to discuss. A nominal administration fee will be applied to split payments.

Q. Can you provide me with an advance look at the schedule or tell me when my division will play?
A. As with any league, it is impossible to schedule until player signup is complete. The good news is that we will play in pretty much set time slots, so almost all games will take place within a 2 or 3 hour blocks of time. Please see 'The Season" for a better understanding of when you can expect to play.

Q. As an OPEN ENROMENT player, how do I select my time slots to play?
A. Normally, OE players will fill in when regular players are away from a scheduled game by 'selecting' their games from our online Bulletin Board notification area.

We encourage OE players to regularly check our online Bulletin Board for openings as Full Time players post them.

Q. Is there body contact?
A. Absolutely not. Incidental contact is part of any hockey game, but we do not allow intentional body contact in any division

Q. Will you be operating a winter, spring or summer league?
A. Yes, we operate all 3.

Q. Do you supply goalie equipment?
A. We do not offer a goalie equipment loan or rental program, however we have found all of the minor hockey associations to be very accommodating in loaning out their gear for summer leagues and camps. We suggest contacting the equipment manager for your local minor hockey association.

Q. Without regular coaches, how do you keep the ice time fair?
A. With only 10 skaters per team, this isn't usually a problem, but we have empowered our referee's to penalize players who do not regularly rotate or refuse to come off the ice when asked to change. The offending player will be require to sit out for 2 minutes, although the team will not play shorthanded.

Q. Can I sign up my entire team?
A. You most certainly can sign up an entire team, but the players would be scheduled to play by our computerized system and not as a team unit.



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